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SmartOrthodontics is a young company founded with the goal of making orthodontic treatment smarter. Smarter means more efficiant in ervery way: we strive to reduce treatment time and cost and make appliances more comfortable for patient and clinician alike.

For our products we only accept best quality materials, latest manufacturing techniques and strict quality controls.

We closely work and research with two german universities and our products are tested preclinically and clinically.

Our Company is located in the northern part of Germany.

From here we strive to make both your life as an orthodontic patient or as a clinician better.

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Product fields

We work hard to develop orthodontic materials and appliances that are suitable for a smarter, faster, more efficient and more economic tretment. We develop products for multi-purpose use, so several tratment tasks can be performed simultaneously or consecutively but with the same appliance.

Bands and Brackets

Our bands and brackets provide multi-purpose use via smart design and interchangeable parts. This way necessary appliance modifications and maintennance tasks can be reduced throughout orthodontic treatment for both clinician and patient.


Our Class-II-Appliance comprises of robust and multi purpose use parts so it can be placed already at treatment start and facilitates everything the clinician might need during treatment until the actual mandibular correction is carried out.

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Benjamin Ihssen, D.M.D.
Im Gettelhagen 80
38108 Braunschweig

+49 (0) 531 12872007

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